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C Point

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C Point Coibentazione designs and builds scaffolding without limits ofheight and complexity.
The applications are various: production plants, petrochemicalplants, powergeneration plants, civilconstruction sites, etc.The technical office of C Point Coibentazione designs the scaffolding system based on the specific type of application, the design needs and the complexity ofthe activities to be performed at height.The engineers of C Point Coibentazione are aware of the absolute importance of safety requirements for workers and guarantee the construction of each scaffolding with the aim to allow the safe execution of every single activity to be performed at height.
C Point Coibentazione has experience with every type ofscaffolding joint, multi-directionaland tube-joint. The construction ofthe scaffolding has the safety ofthe workers as an absolute priority; forthis reason, C Point Coibentazione operates only with highly qualified professionals and technicians.

Major Applications

design and construction of scaffolding for any type of construction site, civil, public, commercial and infrastructure.

design and construction of scaffolding for construction works, maintenance or
refurbishment of parts of existing plants.