We specialise in the design and installation of hot and cold industrial thermal insulation.


C Point Coibentazione s.r.l. is a new but established name in industrial scaffolding.


We carry out redevelopment of brownfield sites by performing environmental remediation.


We carry out prefabrication for the subsequent assembly of pipe lines in our workshop.

Innovation and Support.
At the service of your projects.

C Point Coibentazione s.r.l., is a company that has been growing and expanding since 2012. We have established ourselves nationwide in the field of thermo-acoustic insulation, and in the assembly and dismantling of scaffolding.
Over the years, the company has tackled jobs of any size, always demonstrating great reliability, always in compliance with the regulations in force. Each project is an opportunity for us to demonstrate a solid set of skills and put our vast resources to good use.


Our Works

Every job we do has a story: it is the result of planning, meetings, brainstorming and passion for what we do
We tell you about the jobs we are most proud of.


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C Point Insulation works with these priorities

Quality - Health
Safety - Environment Policy

Safety and Environmental protection are two mandatory priorities for the C Point Coibentazione. Our company has decided to set up all internal processes with the aim of maximizing personnel safety and minimizing the impact on the environment ofits activities.
With this objective, C Point Coibentazione has adopted an Integrated Management System for Quality, Health, Safety, Environment in compliance with the highest reference standards and the Clients’
requirements. The system adopted defines a clear organization with roles, tasks and responsibilities of the functions, the planning of activities, the execution of internal audits to verify the progress and compliance with project requirements and the continuous training ofpersonnelat alllevels.

C Point Coibentazione always operates with the following priorities:

C Point Coibentazione




Overthe years we have established and consolidated professional collaborations with important companies in the petrochemical and energy sector, which have allowed us to achieve a high quality standard. In a few years, we have obtained registration in the vendor list of important national and international groups such as: