Company Profile

C Point Coibentazione S.r.l.

C Point Coibentazione Srl is an Italian Company founded in 2012 by Mr. Graziano Gentile, who today is the Company’s GeneralManger. Since the very first years on the market, C Point Coibentazione has experienced a continuous development and expansion, offering services to its Clients with higherand higher levelof quality. Nowadays C Point Coibentazione has the right and correct capabilities to support its Clients not only in Italy, but also on international markets.


Thanks to its management skills, its technical department and the facilities located in different geographical areas, C Point Coibentazione can offer to its Clients a wide range of services; among them, any kind of insulation, scaffolding with no limits in complexity and height, asbestos removal and prefabrication of special aluminium components.


Industrial Sectors

Our Company is recognized as a reliable Company and its technical personnel offer an excellent service integrated with the maintenance teams working in different plants. Excellent results have been obtained thanks to the equipment provided and the knowledge of an expert staff who makes C Point Coibentazione a trustworthy company in industrial plant maintenance field.

Our Company usually develops a project based upon quality management, workforce, ethics and competence in order to set up the work, on time and with fullcustomers’satisfaction.



Oil & Gas




Power Generation